Product Profile
SecurityTronix WiFi Option for 16-channel

SecurityTronix WiFi Option for 16-channel

  • Supplier: SecurityTronix
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/24
Product Specifications
  • The ST-DVR8700BG Series of DVRs are a next generation design for the security professional as a high value digital surveillance product. Based on an embedded LINUX operating system these units provide a very stable platform for years of trouble free operation. This series features standard H.264 video compression format and G.711A audio compression format which insures a high quality image, low error coding ratio and single frame playing. With TCP/IP network technology these DVRs can monitor remotely from anywhere through LAN, internet or smartphone. These DVRs are perfect for homes, banks, offices, hotels, bars, warehouses and other commercial applications.

    * 120fps (4Ch Unit), 240fps (8Ch Unit), 480fps (16Ch Unit)
    * Video and audio real-time recording & playback
    * Supports five functions: real-time display, recording, playback, network online backup and data transmission
    * Flexible playback mode, multi screen preview
    * Full screen or multi-screen video output
    * Compression: H.264 Video, G711A Audio
    * Advanced network functions, supports IE browser, client visiting and real time operation
    * Convenient remote control, front panel, web or optical mouse operation
    * Motion detection
    * Linux operating system