Product Profile
DVTel ioicam mmp100dn

DVTel ioicam mmp100dn

  • Supplier: DVTel
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/21
Product Specifications
  • Intelligent-Video Multi-Megapixel Imager Hybrid Picture-In-Picture/Dual-View Color Day/Night Camera with Built-in Video Analytics

    The ioicam mmp100dn is a multi-megapixel imager intelligent video camera with unique Picture-In-Picture (PIP) capabilities for synchronized analytics visualization and real-time monitoring and verification.

    * Multi-megapixel imager enables magnified identification at depth without narrowing the field-of-view, providing high-quality wider coverage than standard IP cameras
    * Built-in analytics for intrusion detection, unattended objects/baggage detection, stopped vehicle detection, object removal detection, and autonomous (electronic) ptz tracking easy to install, sets up in minutes – configure and view the intelligent video detection using a web browser or control software
    * Consolidated one step intelligent-video and camera deployment with small footprint, effortless setup, and minimal infrastructure
    * Offers better security-usable images with instant magnified Picture-In-Picture verification for optimal situational awareness