Product Profile
Christie Vista Spyder X20 Image Processor

Christie Vista Spyder X20 Image Processor

  • Supplier: Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/21
Product Specifications
  • The Christie Spyder X20 is a versatile hardware-based video processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher. Its integrated source monitoring enables simultaneous, real-time, full frame rate monitoring of all inputs.

    * 20 mega pixel bandwidth
    * Internal matrix switching
    * Integrated source monitoring
    * True, live preview capabilities, with online editing
    * Sources can be in preview and program
    * Intuitive user interface
    * Universal input/output capabilities
    * Built in conversion for analog/digital, interlaced/progressive, resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate Seamlessly routes any source to any user-configurable output
    * Single point of control for all processing and signal distribution functions
    * Small form factor (4RU)
    * Simple cohesive control through front panel functionality, Vista Control software and external control via Ethernet or serial port
    * Redundant hot swappable power supplies
    * Unsurpassed, proprietary scaling, image quality
    * Virtual software enables you to build configurations and program without hardware
    * Supports widescreen and single screen destinations within the same unit
    * Enables unrestricted window and picture-in-picture (PIP) placement
    * Allows any input to operate as a native high resolution channel, scaled PIP, scaled background or key Channel
    * Compatible with HDCP (optional)