Product Profile
LENSEC Perspective VMS

LENSEC Perspective VMS

  • Supplier: LENSEC
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • Off-the-shelf or outside the box, Perspective VMS is remarkable, capable, and customizable. Our best video surveillance software systems range from a simple one-camera / single-site management interface to a multinational monitoring platform that integrates disparate security technologies culminating in video surveillance software with enhanced real-time situational awareness anywhere in the world. LENSEC's Perspective fulfills the requirements for any standardized surveillance application as well as those critical needs outside the norm.

    * Easy to Use and Web-based
    Perspective VMS is web-based (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
    * Dynamic map-based interactive navigation
    Users can custom-configure maps and position to both pan and zoom for desired visual display
    * Camera Docks
    An innovate camera dock feature to easily select and work with Individual or groups of cameras
    * Camera Display Options
    User control and preset options ranging from one-to-sixteen camera views.
    * Video Tagging
    Comprehensive video tagging for commenting, sharing, and storing for quick retrieval
    * Event and Alarm Notification
    An always-viewable events panel allows users to receive and react to events and alarms anywhere within the system