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Guardia 3D Facial-recognition Series

Guardia 3D Facial-recognition Series

  • Supplier: Guardia A/S
  • Region: Denmark
  • Updated: 2006/04/06
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Product Specifications
  • Guardia has developed the world's most-advanced, standard-setting facial-recognition system. The system is based on a unique combination of state-of-the-art photo technology and advanced biometric 3D algorithms, which enable recording of entire facial shapes in three dimensions in a fraction of a second with a hit or reliability rate of more than 99 percent.

    With the addition of infrared pictures, the system identifies unique vein structures and below-surface skin temperatures. This enables determination of whether users are ill with diseases such as influenza or SARS.

    Three models are now available, including a floor model--suitable for areas with high traffic like airports, harbors and stadiums. This model has built-in cameras for 3D metrics and infrared cameras for temperature metrics.

    Second, the wall model--ideal for areas with limited traffic--contains a normal high-precision camera and infrared camera for temperature metrics. Microphones and loudspeakers enable direct communication from the wall model to the Guardia control system.

    Finally, the chair model can be used at police stations for issuing of new drivers licenses and passports. It is specifically designed for registering people.