Product Profile
Fastlane GlassGate 150

Fastlane GlassGate 150

  • Supplier: Smarter Security
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • *Advanced intelligence
    At the core of every Fastlane, an infrared beam matrix is coupled with a custom-designed microprocessor equipped with neural network programming. Fastlane analyzes pedestrian movement with pinpoint accuracy—it is designed to detect tailgaters at just ? inch apart. Inherently more secure, this technology also yields the fastest throughput and highest alarm accuracy.

    *IP enabled
    GlassGate 150 features Fastlane Connect, a new TCP/IP communication and control system that enables remote:
    -Web-based access from any PC, tablet, or smartphone
    -Lane control, diagnostics, settings, and support

    GlassGate is designed to work in a normally closed mode, opening only after an access system approval. The glass barrier swings away from an authorized user. Barriers then either:
    -Close quickly behind the authorized person to deter tailgaters
    -Stay open for immediate additional authorized users passing in either direction
    GlassGate will automatically sound a local alarm if someone enters without authorization.
    -Efforts to push past the glass barrier will sound a second, louder alarm
    -A secondary relay can trigger CCTV, lock doors, or control elevators

    *User-friendly and safe
    Barrier can configured to open in the exit direction upon fire alarm or power outage. Barriers automatically:
    -Slow to a crawl to avoid contact when safety beams sense an object in the way
    -Break away in either direction to minimize injury or damage