Product Profile
Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher Illuminated

Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher Illuminated

  • Supplier: Morse Watchmans
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/20
Product Specifications
  • Morse Watchmans is featuring the innovative KeyWatcher Illuminated key control and asset management solution, highlighting the ability to ensure keys, credit cards and other valuable items are easily accessible to authorized users – and secure and accounted for when not in use.

    The industry-leading KeyWatcher Illuminated system addresses all security issues related to key management and control and keeps keys and other items stored safely in a tamper-resistant key cabinet. Each system transaction is recorded, and an audit trail confirms who accessed the systems and when.

    “Our KeyWatcher Illuminated system solves the problem of controlling keys and other valuable items for customers of all sizes and types,” said Fernando Pires, VP Sales and Marketing, Morse Watchmans. “In our booth, we'll be demonstrating how versatile features enable the KeyWatcher Illuminated system to adapt to a variety of customer needs.”

    Keys are secured to a Smart Key locking mechanism with a built-in memory chip. Data from the chip is stored when a key is inserted into a KeyWatcher key slot. Users can only access keys for which they have an authorized user code, and keys can be returned to any location in the cabinet. Priority email alerts can be sent to security managers to inform them of the whereabouts of Smart Keys.

    KeyWatcher systems are engineered to interact with other business systems, such as access control systems, to provide a layered security strategy. For example, email alerts can inform management if someone tries to leave a building without returning a key or another object taken from the cabinet. The system has a built-in RS-232 communications port for direct connectivity to printers or other devices, or networked connectivity via Ethernet.

    The modular, fully scalable design of KeyWatcher allows users to configure the system to meet the needs of their application. In addition to key cabinets, a number of modules are available, including credit card holders and lockers. Also available is the optional Remote Box, designed to meet specific needs of high-security environments such as correctional facilities and casinos. Unique in the industry, the Remote Box requires that a second individual's PIN be entered and verified in the system in order for an authorized employee to access a KeyWatcher cabinet, thus enabling the cabinet itself to be located in a secured room.