Product Profile
HawkEye Site mapping module

HawkEye Site mapping module

  • Supplier: The HawkEye Effect
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/20
Product Specifications
  • The industry leader in Geo-Spatial Proceduralized Response Control (G-SPRC), The HawkEye Effect uses GPS-style coordinates to provide timely, automatic, pre-programmed responses to critical incidents. The HawkEye Effect is Hardware/Software agnostic and connects Event Detection Systems [including Gunshot Location, Motion Detectors, Video Analytic Systems, and RFID Readers]; to Critical Response Systems: including Video Management Software, PTZ Camera Networks, Access Control systems and messaging services (SMS, email, etc.).

    The HawkEye Effect ensures that when it matters most, your systems automatically deliver the correct response.