Product Profile
Dortronics 5278 Series Touchless Switches

Dortronics 5278 Series Touchless Switches

  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/19
Product Specifications
  • * Touchless Switch Activation
    The 5278 series provides an economical solution for Touchless Ingress/Egress. The 5278 Series utilizes Optical Infrared Technology. The imbedded sensor picks up motion within a 4 inch range of the face plate. A simple wave of the hand activates the switch. No need to touch the switch; however, if inadvertently touched the sensor will pick up the motion before actual contact, resulting in normal operation

    * Environmentally Sanitary
    When utilized with electronic locks and automatic door operators, the 5278 greatly decreases the potential to spread contagious diseases since no actual hand contact is required to activate. Suitable for bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals, air locks, clean rooms or drive up windows.

    * Illuminated for Increased Visibility
    The illuminated LED ring designates switch status and allows for visibility under low light conditions. The LED ring is red during the normal standby mode, green when activated in trigger mode.

    * Convenient Wiring Hook-up
    Switches are supplied standard with 6" leads for easy installation. Longer custom leads are available on special order. The multi conductor cable connects to the double pole double throw outputs and the 12VDC power input.

    * Access Control Compatible
    Suitable for use with card access systems and/or automatic door openers, the DPDT dry contact outputs can be wired to signal a door to unlock and to the door opener to activate.

    Typical Configurations:
    #W5278-25 - Double Pole Double Throw Switch Mounted on a Single Gang Stainless Steel Plate
    #D5278-25 - Double Pole Double Throw Switch Mounted on a Double Gang Stainless Steel Plate