Product Profile
Dortronics 4700 series Economical PLC Mantrap Control

Dortronics 4700 series Economical PLC Mantrap Control

  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/19
Product Specifications
  • * Secure Interlock Door Control
    The 4700 series Programmable Logic Controller is an economic way to control up to 4 interlocked doors. The controller logic sequences simultaneous requests for access and monitors unsecured doors to maintain the highest level of security at all times.

    * Environmental or Security Control
    Suitable for air locks or security mantraps, with up to four normally unlocked doors or three normally locked doors. The controller may also be customized to control automatic door openers and provide timing and logic sequences for biological wash-down controls. Typical configurations also provide outputs for traffic lights, forced doors and an emergency panic release input.

    * Access Control Compatible
    Any access control system can be used with the 4700 series controllers. The request for access input recognizes any normally open dry contact.

    * 12/24 VDC Power Supply
    The 4700 series PLC controller is paired with a heavy duty 4-amp power supply that includes a Fire Alarm connection for emergency egress and provides power to operate the maglocks and electric strikes and traffic lights. An alarm output is also provided.

    Typical Configurations:
    #47211-U – Standard 2-Door / 1-Room Normally Unlocked
    #47211-L – 2-Door / 1-Room Normally Locked
    #47321-LU/S – 3-Door / 2-Room 1-Normally Locked & 2-Normally Unlocked with 1-Shared Door
    #47431-U/2S – 4-Door / 3-Room Normally Unlocked with 2-Shared Doors