Product Profile
Dortronics 4300 Series Economical Mantrap Control

Dortronics 4300 Series Economical Mantrap Control

  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 09/19/2012
Product Specifications
  • * Three Way Interlock Door Control
    The #4300 series door interlock controller provides a high level of access control and an economical solution for 2-door systems. It can be configured on site to control two normally locked doors, two normally unlocked doors or a locked, unlocked pair. Only one door may be accessed at a time. A request for access or an open door inhibits the other door which remains secure until the first door is closed and no request is pending.

    * Environmental or Security Control
    Suitable for 2-door air locks or security mantraps, Both wet and dry output contacts are available for direct lock control and/or signaling requirements.

    * Access Control Compatible
    Any access control system can be used with the 4300 series controllers. The request for access input recognizes any normally open dry contact. The door unlock sequence will follow the status of the request for access input unless the optional AT-timer is specified.

    * Integral 12/24 VDC Power Supply
    The 4300 is powered from the built-in 4 amp power supply which also provides 12 or 24 VDC to operate maglocks and/or strikes for each of the doors. The heavy-duty power supply is ready for hook-up to the fire alarm system. An alarm output is also provided for monitoring the control system.

    * Panic or Remote Override Feature
    The 4300 includes a provision for remote or panic override to force one or both doors open regardless of door status.

    Typical Configurations:
    #43211-U – 2-Door / 1-Room / 2-Normally Unlocked Doors
    #43211-L – 2-Door / 1-Room / 2-Normally Locked Doors
    #43211-L/U – 2-Door / 1-Room 1 Normally locked Door 1 Normally Unlocked Door