Product Profile
Digifort Mobile

Digifort Mobile

  • Supplier: Digifort
  • Region: Brazil
  • Updated: 08/27/2012
Product Specifications
  • * Has viewing of images via cell phone or any mobile device compatible with JAVA 2 ME (JAVA CLDC 1.1 / MIDP-2.0)
    * Allows connection to multiple servers
    * Allows viewing of cameras individually
    * Makes it possible to save a Screenshot (photo) of the image in the mobile device
    * Allows viewing of the image in full screen
    * Allows PTZ control
    * Allows using preset
    * Allows configuration of the viewing by resolution, image quality and frames per second (FPS)
    * Has status of bandwidth consumption in Kbytes
    * Allows activation of alarms (turn on a light, set off a siren, close a gate, etc)
    * Available in Portuguese, English and Spanish