Product Profile
InvoTech SAMS Security System

InvoTech SAMS Security System

  • Supplier: InvoTech Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 08/16/2012
Product Specifications
  • SAMS Security System manages a variety of important security department responsibilities within one streamlined application. and utilizes a variety of technologies including barcodes, RFID, touch tags, biometrics, ID or driver license scanning and electronic signature capture to facilitate and validate all activities.

    SAMS maintains all records paperlessly, eliminates time-consuming storage and retrieval of documents and log books, protects employees and the property from liability, and generates sophisticated and timely management reports, all in a single application.

    SAMS contains six modules, each of which can be implemented independently. Clients may configure their systems to include only those functions they desire. There is no need to pay for modules that won't be used. Modules can be easily added at a later date if needs change. The module design makes SAMS? more user-friendly and cost-effective and much more economical than a combination of individual systems.