Product Profile
Bridgeborn Bridgeworks

Bridgeborn Bridgeworks

  • Supplier: Bridgeborn, Inc.
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 08/03/2012
Product Specifications
  • Designed and developed by Bridgeborn, Bridgeworks is a software platform for the creation of interactive, rich media and data driven visualization solutions. Bridgeworks provides the most comprehensive set of advanced visualization capabilities available on the market today through a single, thin client, run-time engine. From column charts to 3D virtual environments, Bridgeworks? promotes and democratizes the use of advanced visualization.

    * Run-Time Engine converts XML and well formed data from databases, proprietary applications etc. to desktop / web-based visualizations.
    * Visualizations allow for aggregation of data for macro view; intuitive drill down capabilities allow for deeper, pin-pointed analysis.
    * Allows for multiple visualization strategies of same data based on user preference (geospatial views, chart view, graph view.)
    * Visualization applications deliver data through intuitive, interactive, 3D/4D environment.
    * Browser-based solution a Thin Client runtime provides global delivery through Web, LAN, WAN or secure environment.
    * Applications operate on commodity computing platforms (standard Pentium class machines).
    * Run-Time Engine requires no new executable code for visualizations.
    * Applications update in real-time as data changes; no need to recompile code or re-render the application.