Product Profile
Digital Barriers Solution Engineering

Digital Barriers Solution Engineering

  • Supplier: Digital Barriers plc.
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/08/03
Product Specifications
  • Transforming surveillance information into usable intelligence requires innovative processing and solution engineering expertise. We develop techniques that are designed for operation in ‘real world' environments and develop solutions for both 'edge' image processing applications (e.g. motion detection and image stabilisation) and server based video analytics.

    Within Solution Engineering, we focus on the following areas:

    * Advanced 4D video analytics
    We have developed video analytics for automated, accurate real-time detection of human intrusion, pre-defined activities and incidents within a targeted 3D area. We also provide integrated solutions for vehicle identification and tracking (e.g. ANPR) and flow counting.

    Our video analytics solutions are based on a patented ‘4D' analytics engine, which uses video images to analyse events in terms of both space (height, width, depth) and time. This provides more accurate results and helps mitigate the effect of environmental and illumination factors.

    * Real-time sensor/data fusion and 3D imaging
    We are a world leader in advanced real-time processing to generate enhanced situational awareness from different sensors, data types and source imagery. Unlike more conventional approaches, we design solutions with advanced operational features and benefits.

    For example, our image fusion (visible-band and thermal imagery) technology is the only one in the world to feature a real-time zoom function to assess targets of interest. Our 3D imaging techniques are also world-class and capable of working with single (passive) sensor systems.

    * Image processing
    We provide a range of advanced processing techniques that deliver high-quality images and information from a range of sensors, including multispectral and hyperspectral. This enhances the surveillance picture and is a cost-effective approach to improving sensor performance.

    Techniques include image restoration, image enhancement, intelligent image analysis, image registration and fusion, stabilisation and super-resolution, and target detection, tracking and classification. We provide bespoke solutions as well as proven algorithms.