Product Profile
Fortem Omnipresence 3D Pro Design

Fortem Omnipresence 3D Pro Design

  • Supplier: Fortem
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2012/08/03
Product Specifications
  • Plan and design your security and surveillance system within an easy to use and intuitive 3D map. Pro Design allows you to see the big picture, maximizes your security budget and saves you valuable time.

    * Maximize Your Security Budget - Prior to the purchase or installation of any camera, Omnipresence 3D Pro Design guarantees to maximize your security budget and meet all design requirements.
    * Save Valuable Time - With a 3D map, there’s no need for numerous site visits. Design your security system from the comfort of your own desk.
    * Camera Compatibility - Plan your design with cameras from any manufacturer including Pelco, Bosch, Axis. If a camera or lens isn’t in our extensive database already, add it in a few simple clicks. Select the brand, model and lens range to acquire a true representation of your camera placement.
    * Pixels on Target - Within the 3D map, add characters such as individuals and/or cars to your surveillance design to visualize the true distance between the camera and the character. Simulated camera ranges will allow you to realize if you will be able to recognize faces or license plates based on the distance of the camera
    * 3D Mapping Made Simple: Import from AutoCAD - Easy 3D map conversion from regular 2D floor plans. With the AutoCAD DWG to 3D Model Conversion Tool and just a few simple clicks, instantly transform your existing AutoCAD floor plan into a 3D model. It’s that simple!
    * Citywide Security Planning - Fortem has been a critical partner in developing the open 3D geographic standards for Google Earth. With Omnipresence 3D Pro Design, we offer incredibly high quality visual mapping data for crime and emergency response at an affordable cost. Currently, we are able to provide over a hundred 3D city-wide maps that have been licensed from cities throughout North America and worldwide. Operators can easily position cameras over skyscrapers and at street-level. They can then immediately see the area covered by each camera.