Product Profile
G4S Secure Trax

G4S Secure Trax

  • Supplier: G4S Technology
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 09/26/2012
Product Specifications
  • * GPS Tracking and History - View security officer location real-time as well as complete history of tours
    * Geo Fence - Create a virtual fence around your property and monitor the patrols present
    * Incident Notification - You define the information you want security officers to collect, and that information is sent (real-time) to your pre-defined recipients
    * Guard Tour - Combines GPS tracking with RFID tag tour of your preferred locations, then you view tour history via a secure website
    * Check-In/Check-out and Random Verification - Confirms covered posts, device location and ensures that personnel are in possession and on location
    * Safety Inspections - Safety issues are transmitted immediately to your pre-determined security or safety representatives
    * Panic Button - Security officer can send instant email and/or text message to supervisor and G4S Communications Center
    * Communications - Security officer can communicate with you or your designated representatives via cell phone, push-to-talk, email or text message