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Moonblink Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions

Moonblink Wireless Video Surveillance Solutions

  • Supplier: Moonblink Communications
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/07/09
Product Specifications
  • Applications
    With broadband wireless networks, video surveillance networks are truly unfettered. With the ease and low cost f deployment that wireless affords, video surveillance becomes an affordable choice for many applications, including:

    * Public Safety – Police departments and other public safety organizations can monitor problematic areas throughout a city, establish ad hoc neworks, etc.
    * Enterprises – Video surveillance to provide perimeter security for their buildings
    * Transportation – Transportation agencies can provide constant monitoring as added security for infrastructure
    * Government – Often used in Homeland Security applications, government organizations can easily secure buildings, installations, personnel, etc.
    * Education – Schools and universities can monitor trouble areas to protect their students throughout a campus
    * Public Venues – Stadiums, shopping malls, etc. can provide added security for patrons throughout the venue as well as in parking lots
    * Healthcare – Monitoring for healthcare facilities that provides the ability to secure hospital assets, augment patient security, etc.

    * Rapid deployment – Wireless eliminates the physical barriers that wired deployments face, making it much easier to deploy
    * Flexible deployment – Can be deployed anywhere, across water, difficult terrain, remote areas, etc.
    * Reduced cost – Eliminates the high costs associated with wired deployments, including cost of materials, cost of trenching, dealing with older buildings, etc.
    * High performance – With wireless networks capable of wired capacity, you get all the benefits of wireless without sacrificing any performance