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Envysion Video

Envysion Video

  • Supplier: Envysion
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/07/09
Product Specifications
  • Envysion, the award-winning innovator in cloud-based video management, is redefining video surveillance and providing demonstrable results for its customers. Envysion Video enables multi-unit businesses to easily leverage remote video to better understand their business and drive improvements in operations and profitability. The highly scalable, centrally managed and bandwidth sensitive service is designed for use by 1,000s of users across multiple departments without straining the IT organization or network. Envysion's intuitive, easy-to-use web interface maximizes video usage and minimizes training time so users can immediately drive operations and store-level profitability improvements.

    Ad Hoc Motion Search
    Envysion transforms hours of video footage into searchable, actionable information and eliminates tedious manual searching. In addition to video search by date and time, Envysion's ad hoc motion search capability enables users to easily review customer interaction with merchandise or activity within susceptible areas of the store, for example the back door.

    Secure Collaborative Clip Sharing
    Burning video to DVDs is a thing of the past. Create user groups and share video securely over Envysion's MVaaS platform.

    Scalable Enterprise Video
    Envysion eliminates the burden of costly and time-consuming software upgrades while simultaneously giving the customer access to the highest quality, feature enhanced applications.

    Central Administration
    Centrally manage who can access video and what they can access within one simple and easy-to-use web interface.