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Diebold Alarm Monitoring

Diebold Alarm Monitoring

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Product Specifications
  • Alarm monitoring is serious business. You've made the investment in the technology needed to protect your people, assets and facility. You also need to know that your alarms are being monitored. And when an alarm sounds, you need to know that there will be an immediate response by your alarm monitoring company.

    You can feel that level of confidence with Diebold's Event Monitoring Center. Our award-winning facility provides the technology and professional staff for fast, reliable response.

    * Robust infrastructure:
    - Advanced alarm monitoring and response technology
    - UL- and UL-C certification and full redundancy, with an off-site backup facility
    - Multiple layers of physical security protect the Event Monitoring Center.
    - CSAA Five-Diamond Certification
    - Uninterrupted power supplies with full standby power generation
    - Multiple redundant communication paths, including network, Internet, wireless and dial-up
    - On-site hot spares for all receivers and communication equipment

    * Professional operators:
    - Thorough, ongoing training ensures advanced operator skills
    - Consistent, professional response to each alarm
    - Consistent response to priority alarms that is twice as fast as required by UL

    * Totally customized service:
    - Flexibility to select additional alarm monitoring services, including remote video monitoring and managed access control
    - Detailed, unique response plan developed for each customer and each of its facilities.