Product Profile
Overtis VigilancePro Enterprise

Overtis VigilancePro Enterprise

  • Supplier: Overtis Group Ltd.
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/04/26
Product Specifications
  • * Patented next generation endpoint security software solution
    * Unique user-centric framework enabling transparent and highly effective security policy management and enforcement
    * Fully customisable policies may be applied to individual users, groups, or across the organisation – leveraging Microsoft? Active Directory structures
    * Advanced rules engine – fully content and context aware (including time and location)
    * Registry and Windows event log watchers included
    * Integrated OCR capability for content and activity analysis of legacy ‘green screen’ applications
    * Complementary to other endpoint point products (including AV, anti-spyware and personal firewalls)
    * Real-time monitoring of user and system activity and events
    * Protection of fixed and mobile endpoints
    * Agents for servers and terminal servers
    * Integration with physical security systems (including CCTV, access control, and RFID)
    * Integration with biometric devices enabling transaction authentication
    * Centralised management of agents and policies
    * Centralised summary (dashboard), detail and trend reporting
    * Full visual audit trail (optional desktop screen shots and CCTV images with local playback)
    * Optional support for two-factor authentication for VigilancePro? Manager access as well as requirement for two people to enter passwords to access certain views
    * Fully configurable response as a result of an event (alert, notify user, require justification, prevent, freeze system)
    * Automated email alerts as well as daily, weekly, monthly reports
    * Automated archiving of events
    * Highly scaleable (Web Services based architecture)
    * Software core based on managed code (.NET) for ease of deployment and security.