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AMAG Digital Video

AMAG Digital Video

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Product Specifications
  • * Open Video Management solution for Symmetry, supporting market leading NVR's, DVR's and IP cameras
    * Live video review of up to 72 concurrent cameras per client PC
    * Managed, indexed storage of MPEG-4 and H.264 video from Video Encoders and suported IP cameras
    * Event-based recording integrated with Intrusion and Access Control
    * Alarms Management including video loss alarms
    * Graphical Maps with interactive video control
    * Review stored video from NVR, DVR, IP camera and video server storage on Symmetry clients
    * Instant-replay of recently recorded video
    * Record Now feature allows guards to initiate recording
    * Flexible on Event presentation of video
    * Motion detection supported as standard from the Video Encoders and IP Cameras
    * Operator permissions for individual cameras and stored views
    * Automated sequencing facility
    * Supports Pan Tilt Zoom
    * Management Reports
    * Export video to CD or DVD for archiving
    * Still image capture and export 
    * Multiple Client Monitor Support
    * Activity logging and audit trail of configuration changes and operator activity
    * Multi-company partitioning
    * Seamless integration with all other modules of the security management system