Product Profile
Cross Match FaceSnap Fotomodul

Cross Match FaceSnap Fotomodul

  • Supplier: Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/03/2012
Product Specifications
  • * No more posing is needed. FaceSnap Fotomodul facial recognition software only recognizes and records facial images. Position the subject anywhere within the camera's field of vision and Fotomodul automatically captures that person's face. Photo sessions are quicker and more relaxed for both the photographer and the subject.
    * FaceSnap Fotomodul automatically crops the image according to a pre-selected portrait format. With this standardized framing you can be sure that all images have the same format and are of comparable resolution.
    * FaceSnap Fotomodul does automatic brightness, contrast and color corrections for best image impression.
    * FaceSnap Fotomodul has the option for automatic background removal for homogeneous photo backgrounds.
    * FaceSnap Fotomodul is TWAIN-compatible and can be used on any modern Windows PC.
    * The images can be acquired either by a TWAIN-interface or directly from a file in jpg-format.
    * A FaceSnap Fotomodul SDK version is available on request.