Product Profile
Networkfleet AT-1400 Asset Tracker

Networkfleet AT-1400 Asset Tracker

  • Supplier: Networkfleet
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 2012/03/26
Product Specifications
  • * Battery life up to 3 years
    * 3 year warranty on hardware
    * View online with the rest of your fleet

    The easy to install AT-1400 uses GPS technology to report location and movement for field assets like trailers, generators, heavy duty equipment or any valuable property.

    The battery life of the AT-1400 lasts up to three years, depending on the message configuration which can be customized. The unit includes a 3 year warranty and features hardened, sealed enclosures to maintain maximum functionality in extreme weather conditions.

    Fleet managers using Networkfleet’s online application can view assets equipped with the AT-1400 on maps alongside vehicles in their fleet. Reports and alerts can be used to determine exact GPS location, if and when an asset has been moved, assets closest to a particular location or landmark, geofence violations and more!