Product Profile
Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking

  • Supplier: NexTraq
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 03/26/2012
Product Specifications
  • Tracking your vehicles, assets and drivers is more than just protecting your most valuable resources; GPS fleet tracking maximizes your workforce and productivity while increasing your service revenue. Whether you are tracking a single vehicle or your entire fleet, the NexTraq? Fleet Tracking platform gives you the tools to know what’s going on outside the four walls of your office.

    Our intuitive user interface shows your fleet’s activity – whether it’s a vehicle’s activity for the day, total starts and stops for the day or you entire fleet’s location summary. You know exactly where your employees, vehicles and assets are 24/7. With our GPS vehicle tracking technology, you have a better understanding of your fleet operations and can take steps to improve it.

    Tracking your fleet is not a matter of “big brother” watching over your employees, but rather you watching over your service business. It’s simple. Accessing the location of a company vehicle in a matter of seconds benefits you and your customers. Grow your business with NexTraq Fleet Tracking.