Product Profile
Scallop Imaging D7-180 Digital Window Camera

Scallop Imaging D7-180 Digital Window Camera

  • Supplier: Scallop Imaging
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 03/19/2012
Product Specifications
  • Scallop Imaging's D7-180 is a 7-megapixel surveillance camera that records in full-color high resolution throughout its 180 degrees panoramic field of view, without fisheye distortion.

    The digital window camera processes over 100 megapixels per second, and provides two simultaneous video streams: a standard 15 fps HD frame comprised of a 1,280 x 320 situational awareness (SA) window plus a 1,280 x 400 sub window allocated to up to four zoom windows; and 5,120 x1,280 full resolution stream at one fps. The camera also features H.264 compression, PoE and works with leading network video management sys tems and s tandard Web browsers.

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