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intercom ZDL-12AC+3A

intercom ZDL-12AC+3A

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    Each ZDL-12AC interphone extension has a wall-mounted, easy to wall install,

    Using the screws fix the wall-mounted on the wall, Aligning the wall-mounted on

    interphone extension appropriate slot, and Pressing gently down the interphone

    extension to fix.


    1. Unlocking and intercom function

    The visitor press the "call" button on the door station, all the indoor phone

    will ring, Arbitrarily an extension picked up the receiver can do a dual-way

    intercom, more than extensions can do Multi-intercom , make sure the visitors,

    pressing extension No. 1 button unlock. (indoor phone group calls switch "P"

    must be set "open" state)

    2. Internal intercom function

    Extension: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9, 10, 11, 12 can call and do an intercom each other,

    When you pick up the receiver to press extension number ,the other party answer.

    It can do dual-way intercom.

    3. PG Broadcast function.

    Picking up the receiver, Pressing " pg "key long time, It can do broadcast

    function with all the extension. (The group calling switch "p"on the back

    of extension must be set at "open" state)

    4. Group calling functions

    Picking up the receiver and press the groupcall number on the extension, when

    the other party answer , It can do Multi-way intercom.

    5. Amplifying function

    Each extension has a inbuilt audio to enlarge circuit, It can connect a loudspeaker

    from outside.(Many extensions connect with high- pitched loudspeakers in the

    same environmental area, the calling maybe Interference)


    Power sourceDC 12V / 1A

    Current consumption: 100mA

    Effective distance: 100M/0.5mm ; 300M/0.75mm; 500M/1.0mm

    Wiring: 4common wires