Product Profile
VidSys PSIM Platform

VidSys PSIM Platform

  • Supplier: VidSys
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/03/06
Product Specifications
  • Features:
    * Adaption and Connectivity

      This component enables connection, communication with, and management of installed devices and systems from multiple vendors.

    * Geospatial Engine
      This component provides spatial recognition for geo-location of devices and supports situation mapping functionality in VidSys  situation management and video management applications, RiskShield and VidShield respectively.  For example, rules can be set such that multiple alarms from one location can be correlated.

    * Routing Engine 
      This engine optimizes the use of the network and identifies sources of information and destinations to move the data without going back to the command center thereby, avoiding possible bottlenecks that would arise from routing all traffic through a single centralized server.

    * Rules Engine
      The Rules Engine analyzes event and policy information from multiple sources to correlate events, make decisions based upon event variables and initiate activities.

    * Dispatch Engine
      This component integrates with communication infrastructure to “dispatch” external information such as messages, data and commands as well as automates the execution of other applications.

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