Product Profile
Digifort Camera Surveillance System

Digifort Camera Surveillance System

  • Supplier: Digifort
  • Region: Brazil
  • Updated: 02/16/2012
Product Specifications
  • The Digifort Camera Surveillance System includes software for monitoring and recording of network and analog cameras (via encoders) and DVR. The system can integrate with alarms, automated systems, video analytics including license plate reading, and integration with third-party systems such as access control software. Digitfort's camera surveillance system is compatible with more than 2,300 camera models, 130 manufacturers and ONVIF. It is translated to 11 languages and distributed on all continents.

    Developed to meet the requirements of all market segments, Digifort offers hundreds of operational and administrative features to its users, some of which are unique to Digifort's surveillance system. It has a developed client/server platform, which allows operations to be centralized as well as decentralized with remote access from smartphones, including iOS and Android.

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