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AMAG Symmetry Building Control

AMAG Symmetry Building Control

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Product Specifications
  • By monitoring activity at access control readers and by using movement sensors, the Security Management System (SMS) is able to judge whether an area is occupied or unoccupied. This enables the SMS software to switch devices such as HVAC units on or off depending on current occupancy. The Building Control module can lead to signi cant energy savings, which reduces costs and helps to protect the environment.

    Reducing energy usage can lead to other major bene ts, including avoidance of costly upgrades to HVAC or other systems to cope with increased demand. In addition to automatic control, the module also enables easy manual control of building systems from the SMS user interface, including from graphical maps. Using a common user interface for multiple systems can reduce training costs and increase staff ef ciency.

    Communication between the SMS software and building systems is provided using the industry-standard BACnet? communications protocol, which provides compatibility with a wide range of different building equipment.

    *Helps to save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment
    *Provides easy automatic and manual control of building systems from the SMS user interface using the industry-standard    BACnet communications protocol
    *Enables building systems to be switched on/off from graphical maps
    *Helps to reduce load on building systems and reduce equipment  costs
    *Enables SMS sensors such as motion detectors to be used by other building systems
    *Allows a common user interface to be used, which can reduce training costs and increase staff efficiency
    *Scheduled and conditional commands can be set up to control building systems