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ONVIF 2.0 software stack

ONVIF 2.0 software stack

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Product Specifications
  • MindTree's proven and readily licensable Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) 1.02 and 2.0 compliant Software Stacks will enable manufacturers of network cameras, video encoders, network video recorders and VMS to quickly release ONVIF compliant products.

    MindTree's SecureMind ONVIF Software Stack consists of Network Video Transmitter (NVT) Stack and Client (NVC- Network Video Client) Library.

    The NVT stack is available on Windows and Linux Operating Systems. It has also been ported on TI's DM 355/DM 365 and TI's DM 6467 platforms running Montavista Linux 2.6. The ONVIF Client library is available on Linux 2.6 and Windows Operating Systems.

    MindTree's ONVIF NVT Stack supports all mandatory commands and core ONVIF services.
    Key benefits of MindTree's ONVIF NVT Stack:
    1. Available today for Licensing
    2. Proven Stacks licensed to multiple customers worldwide.
    3. Easy to integrate on to existing platform and system
    4. Provides abstraction layer for platform dependent services & libraries
    5. Continued support for ONVIF roadmap
    6. Low code and memory footprint
    7. Low latency architecture

    Integration Services
    Apart from providing the ONVIF Software Stack, MindTree also provides design services to enable the manufacturer to integrate the stack on to their various products.