Product Profile
Tagsys Medio RXU400 UHF RFID Reader

Tagsys Medio RXU400 UHF RFID Reader

  • Supplier: TAGSYS
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2011/12/12
Product Specifications
  • Medio RXU400 is a UHF RFID reader, featuring a single platform designed to support a variety of applications. Advanced capabilities such as adaptive noise algorithms for real-time optimization of the RF interface to ensure robust performance in a wide range of deployment scenarios. It supports multiple RFID regulations, including US and EU, simplifying deployments and lowering TCO. As an application hosting platform, it supports middleware and custom application solutions built for edge devices, improving network and system performance.

    A Java-based application framework extends reader capabilities, particularly with complex enterprise requirements, ensuring a seamless fit into the overall business operations framework. A rich array of diagnostic and statistical reporting tools, user-configurable alarms and a host of management features based on industry standard protocols facilitate improved integration into existing network management infrastructure.

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