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Techsphere VP-II X Hand Vascular Recognition System

Techsphere VP-II X Hand Vascular Recognition System

  • Supplier: TechSphere
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 12/12/2011
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Product Specifications
  • VP-II X is a biometric scanner which verifies or identifies users utilizing unique vascular patterns at the back of their hands. It provides the best usability, high accuracy, robustness to forgery, best psychological acceptance and so on. It supports the most popular proximity and smart card modules with a built-in reader and antenna.

    Due to high usability, it can be used for outdoor environments for time and attendance and physical access control, such as construction sites, army, mines and factories. It also provides high security for access control so that the system is accepted in industries such as hospitals, IDCs, intelligent buildings and document rooms.