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Snake - Fibre Optic Perimeter Protection

Snake - Fibre Optic Perimeter Protection

  • Supplier: GPS Standard
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 2012/02/07
Product Specifications
  • Features:

    SNAKE is a perimeter protection system that uses fibre optic cable as the detection medium, suitable for internal and external applications.

    *It uses opto-phonic technology to detect, in external applications, all typical attempts to climb, cut or break through a fence and for internal applications it can indicate attempts to break through or penetrate a wall.
    *The fibre optic technology provides for fence mounted perimeter detection are, among many, accurate detection.
    *The ability to cover long distances without the need for intermediate power supplies and in particular the complete immunity to high frequency interference from high voltage lines or atmospheric disturbances.
    *It is also well suited to sites with corrosive or inflammable atmospheres or subject to extreme temperatures. Typical applications are: sensitive systems for use on chain link and welded mesh fences and also as a sensor to detect penetration on the surface or inside a wall structure (brick, blocks)

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