Product Profile
16-Channel Full D1 DVR: ANV-3716FD

16-Channel Full D1 DVR: ANV-3716FD

  • Supplier: ANV Security Technology (China)
  • Region: China
  • Updated: 2011/11/14
Product Specifications
  • ANV-3716FD is a premier real-time D1 high definition DVR. It adopts standard H.264 baseline compression format and advanced SOC techniques, to ensure real-time D1 recording in each channel and robustness of the system. The DVR supports 4-/8-/16-CH video input, 4-/8-/16-CH audio input, 4-/8-/16-CH simultaneous playback, and HDMI 1,080P high resolution display, with standard 2U chassis.

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