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Mobideos MobileCamViewer

Mobideos MobileCamViewer

  • Supplier: Mobideos
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • Leading video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS Inc. is bringing its MobileCamViewer mobile surveillance application to new consumer tablet devices as the rising technology catches on with more users.

    mobiDEOS also now offers MobileCamViewer to the New iPad (iPad3) for customers that want the improved processing and resolution over previous generation iPad tablets. The new apps are available in the respective App Stores for each device.

    MobileCamViewer is a cellphone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solution. Its client-server technology enables viewing of video streams from network cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers over the Internet. With this enterprise solution, a collection of video surveillance devices at a site can be viewed remotely, even if these devices are not accessible from the public Internet.

    It provides new capabilities and solutions for business, and saves time and money. The MobileCamViewer client-server architecture is designed with ease of use and setup. Its high-quality video images can be delivered even over fragile cellular networks, minimizing the strain on customer networks.

    The MobileCamViewer leverages the existing investment of cellphones and video surveillance equipment for the customer and allows remote viewing of video feeds, without having to modify or update firewall settings