Product Profile
Cortech Datalog 5 Security Mamagement Suite

Cortech Datalog 5 Security Mamagement Suite

  • Supplier: Cortech Developments
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 09/16/2011
Product Specifications
  • Datalog is a comprehensive monitoring and control facility, which is simple to use. The intuitive platform provides the capability to interface and interact with a wide range of different manufacturers' control equipment, including intruder, perimeter, fire, access, video surveillance, digital recording, cell call, intercom, concierge, staff safety, building alarms and other emerging technologies. The management system can be configured to automatically respond to events, even when the operator is away from the system. Navigation around the system is simplified by pointing or clicking on the graphical display to zoom in or out of a building, area or floor plan. The system also allows for user setup and configuration portals, which can either be outlined, shaded or invisible.