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16 channel video digital converter

16 channel video digital converter

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  • Detailed Product Description

    1:it can transmit more than 100 channels digital video

    2:It adopts advanced digital technology such as DSP, FPGA, CPLD

    16 channel Video Digital Optical Converter:

    adopts advanced digital technology such as DSP, FPGA, CPLD

    Product information


    Output/Input Wavelength 1310nm&1470nm~1610nm

    Output Power -8~3dBm

    Optic fiber 50/125u multimode,62.5/125u multimode,9/125u single mode

    Rx sensitivity -30dBm

    Optical interface FC,ST,SC(optional)


    Number of Channels 16

    Input/output impedance BNC 75Ω (unbalance)

    Standard video input/output voltage 2.0Vp-p

    Video voltage range 0.6~2.0Vp-p

    Differential Gain 60dB(weighting)(8 bit)

    >70dB(weighting)(10 bit)

    Connector BNC


    Audio Input/output Impedance 600ohm(unbalance)

    Max input/output voltage 2.0Vp-p

    Frequency Response 10~20kHz

    Total Harmonic Distortion 95dB(weighting)

    Connector Standard terminal lead


    Data protocol RS232,RS422,RS485,Manchester,BIPHASE data

    Data rate 0~300kbps

    Error rate 10e-9

    Connector Standard terminal lead


    Work mode Full duplex/half duplex

    Network speed 10/100Mbps(AUTO)

    connection terminal RJ45


    Connector Standard RJ11

    Phonetic bandwidth 8KHz

    Work mode Point to point hot line, program controlling switch/extension mode

    Distortion 95dB

    Binary input/Output

    Connector Terminal lead

    Signal input alarm, Binary input, support TTL,RS-232/422/485 or passive switch button

    Signal output Arbitrary alarm, Binary output, support TTL,RS-232/422/485 or relay output

    Connector Standard terminal lead


    Work voltage Chassis supply electricity(170V~240V AC auto-adaptation)

    Work temperature -35°C~ 70°C

    Humidity 0~95%non-condensing


    Standalone Dimension(H*W*D) 110mm *104mm *28mm