Product Profile
iLOQ S10 Locking System

iLOQ S10 Locking System

  • Supplier: iLOQ
  • Region:
  • Updated: 07/18/2011
Product Specifications
  • The revolutionary iLOQ locking system offers advanced security and convenient access management for master-key locking environments such as schools, airport terminals, industrial facilities, offices, shopping centers, public and rental apartment buildings.

    The core of the electronically keyed iLOQ S10 locking system is the unique self-powered iLOQ cylinder powered by harvesting electricity from the insertion of the iLOQ key. The lock and keys do not contain batteries and no cabling work is required for installation. With the convenient iLOQ programming device, locks and keys are programmed easily and secure.

    The iLOQ C10S.1 lock cylinder is are approved in accordance with nonlife insurers’ approval procedure by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services.