Product Profile
HD H.264 16-CH D1 DVR: ZXNVM S5016-C-S

HD H.264 16-CH D1 DVR: ZXNVM S5016-C-S

  • Supplier: Shenzhen ZTE NetView Technology
  • Region: China
  • Updated: 2011/07/01
Product Specifications
  • Features:
    ZXNVM S5016-C-S supports H.264 video compression and up to
    16 channels of D1 analog video and audio sync inputs. The mobile
    surveillance function enables users to monitor stored images
    remotely, anytime and anywhere. The PTZ function enables users
    to control pan/tilt movement and focal length remotely. Dual
    streaming is suited for surveillance applications such as fixed and
    mobile networks. CBR and VBR can save bandwidth and storage
    space because video and audio information will be automatically
    encoded in real time.

    It uses watermarks to encrypt and authenticate video images. It
    supports OggVorbis audio compression to present clear and real
    audio. Its two-way talkback function enables real-time communication
    between a surveillance center and monitored spots. It has
    multiple alarm and except report mechanisms like video loss,
    privacy zones, motion detection and alarm detection.
    It supports up eight 3.5' pluggable SATA II hard disks, each disk
    with a capacity of 2 TB. The 10M/100M Ethernet port automatically
    adapt to network bandwidth. With a built-in Web server, it can
    preview and remotely control videos via a browse