Product Profile
ACIC MvTraffic Video Content Analysis

ACIC MvTraffic Video Content Analysis

  • Supplier: ACIC
  • Region: Belgium
  • Updated: 2011/06/24
Product Specifications
  • MvTraffic is a new generation of video analysis products for traffic monitoring. High-performance algorithms allow to process multiple lanes of traffic in every outdoor or tunnel conditions.

    MvTraffic produces in real time individual vehicles and traffic flow data in all traffi c contexts, from stop and go to high-speed conditions. MvTraffic is also able to detect incidents in the fi eld of view of existing or dedicated traffic CCTV cameras.

    MvTraffic is a cost-effective and flexible solution for road traffic monitoring and surveillance.

    * Traffi c data collection and incident detection
    * Individual vehicle measures: time, length, width, height, lane, speed and distance/time to previous vehicle
    * Traffic flow data measures: lane occupancy and fl ow speed evaluation
    * Built-in classifi cation up to 5 vehicle classes
    * Wrong way detection
    * Detection of stopped and suspicious presence in restricted area
    * Traffic flow classifi cation and abnormal speed drop detection
    * Runs on CMVision or RMVision video analysis hardware