Product Profile
ASL SMC01F/SMC01G/Variants Station Master's Console

ASL SMC01F/SMC01G/Variants Station Master's Console

  • Supplier: ASL Safety & Security
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2011/06/20
Product Specifications
  • The SMC01F and SMC01G are robust desk consoles, and are designed to work with the whole range of ASL Voice Alarm and Public Address systems. The SMC01F has a fist microphone with integral ‘Push To Talk’ switch and the SMC01G a panel mounted gooseneck microphone with a console mounted ‘Push To Talk’ switch. The SMC01 is typically used by the Station Master for making announcements to any of the PA/VA zones within a station. It also provides a flexible listen-in facility whereby a mix of all zones, or a mix of selected zones, may be monitored via a built in loudspeaker.

    The unit has the facility to act as a ‘Fire Microphone’ and will operate in an all-call mode even in the event of processor failure within the router, as required by BS 5839 Pt 8. In this instance, the ‘All Call Only’ LEDs will illuminate to indicate the restricted function. (The variant ‘S’ of these units is provided without the ‘Fire microphone’ facility.) An in-built signal limiting automatic gain control is provided to help compensate for varying operator technique.

    A processor within the Station Master’s Console interfaces all LEDs and switches to the DSP Router by means of a serial interface, while microphone audio is provided as a balanced 0dBu (nominal) analogue signal. The microphone’s processor is also responsible for generating an outgoing low-frequency surveillance tone which is used to monitor the audio connection to the VAR Router, while microphone capsule monitoring is performed by injection and monitoring of a signal such that either open or short circuit of the capsule or associated wiring will indicate a fault.

    Hardwired connections are provided for the PTT switch and ‘Speak Now’ and ‘All Call Only’ LEDs (except for the S variant units). This cabling is continuously monitored by the router for open and short circuits. A multi-pole connector provides field connections.