Product Profile
Aex PB 100 Series Audio Power Amplifier

Aex PB 100 Series Audio Power Amplifier

  • Supplier: Aex System
  • Region: Australia
  • Updated: 06/20/2011
Product Specifications
  • The PB 100 Series are a range of public address power amplifiers designed to meet today’s stringent public address system requirement that calls for reliability and provisions during emergency situations. Each model of the PB 100 Series have been meticulously designed and engineered to ensure effective heat dissipation, providing a cooler more optimal working condition of all its components. Constructed from high quality and tested components, the PB 100 Series offers a wider bandwidth, which translates into improved audio quality usually not available in other 100V line systems. The PB 100 Series also uses toroidal transformer technology in its design, which helps reduce electro-magnetic noise and improve power efficiency.

    The PB 100 Series amplifiers feature a 2-line level input system, comprising of a Program channel and a Priority channel; application wise during an emergency, the unit can automatically switch from the Program channel to the Priority channel.

    Utilising Bipolar technology, the PB 100 Series power amplifier provides high audio performance without a high price and is an excellent solution for your public address system needs. The PB 100 Series power amplifier can either operate on mains 240 Vac or a back-up 24Vdc supply, providing continuous uninterruptible operation even during a power failure.