Product Profile
IEE Tailgate Detector People Sensing and Access Control

IEE Tailgate Detector People Sensing and Access Control

  • Supplier: IEE S.A.
  • Region: Luxembourg
  • Updated: 2011/05/27
Product Specifications
  • Reliable access control systems are crucial for buildings with secured areas, such as offices, airports, banks, university campuses, public transportation buildings, and so on.

    The award-winning Tailgate Detector is a solution for access-controlled entrances and is available in two varieties:
    * TDflexTM: tailgate detection at one-door access point (e.g. swinging door, sliding doors, virtual/no doors, optical or mechanical turnstiles)
    * TDtrapTM: tailgate detection at two-door transfer gates (e.g. mantraps and airlocks)

    Based on 3D MLI SensorTM technology, the Tailgate Detector helps prevent piggybacking and tailgating, detects luggage left behind, and recognizes head-by-head and bi-directional situations.

    Access control applications:
    *Tailgate and piggyback detection in access-controlled buildings and university campuses
    *Tailgate detection at entrances to restricted areas in office buildings
    *Tailgate detection at border controls in airports
    *Tailgate detection at entrances in banks
    *Wrong-way detection at arrival gates in airports or at turnstiles in subways and train stations (see People Counter)
    *High-throughput people counting at access-controlled entrances