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HS53 Smoke & Heat Detector

HS53 Smoke & Heat Detector

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Product Specifications
  • HS53P-2 2 Wire Smoke & Heat Detector

    HS53P-4 4 Wire Smoke & Heat Detector


    Designed to comply with UL539 standards

    2 wire or 4 wire optional

    Fixed temperature 57oC,135F heat sensor

    Non-polar power input

    Extended warranty

    Easy Installation and maintenance


    Dual LEDs for 360*degree visibility

    Twist-off mounting for fast installation


    Model HS53P-2 HS53P-4

    Operating Voltage DC9~35V

    Standby Current 300uA

    12mA(NC), 2mA(NO)

    Alarm Current 18mA@DC12V;42mA@DC24V 4mA(NC), 15mA(NO)

    Alarm Output Conventional Output & LED Flash Relay output (N.O/ N.C) and LED flash

    Smoke Alarm Density 2.06%/ft

    Alarm Temperature 57oC (135F)

    Detecting Area 80 square meter (with the installation height of 6m-12m), and 60 square meter (with the installation height less than 6m)

    Installation Method Ceiling Mounted

    Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C

    Operating Humidity ≦95%RH

    Dimensions 100mm(Dia)x48mm(H)