Product Profile
Sentry360 and ViaSys 360-Degree Intelligent Video Analytics

Sentry360 and ViaSys 360-Degree Intelligent Video Analytics

  • Supplier: Sentry360 and ViaSys
  • Region:
  • Updated: 2011/05/20
Product Specifications
  • Key Features
    1.FullSight camera offers 360-degree immersive view
    2.No blind spots or moving parts
    3Performs multiple analytics simultaneously
    4.Resolution: 3- to 10-megapixel
    5.Not limited by focal length or field of view

    Sentry360, a developer of multimegapixel surveillance cameras, entered into a technology partnership with Viasys, a provider of video analytics dedicated to perimeter protection and intruder detection.

    Viasys features a highly optimized, low-bandwidth communication protocol, the result of the company's experience with solar power plants. These green energy sites are often remote with only basic network connections that feed to the central monitoring stations. Because of this, a complete alarming solution was born with a focus on low bandwidth and low resource usage.

    The Intelligent Pro Series FullSight cameras will deliver resolutions from 3 to 10 megapixels and have Sentry 360's corrected perspective dewarping and panoramic algorithm coordinated with the Viasys video analytics. The camera will be able to perform multiple simultaneous rule-based video analytics delivering complete situational awareness. The major features of this integration are adaptive outdoor analytics like electronic fence, trip wire, sabotage detection, directional recognition and 3-D video awareness, which make Viasys analytics with Sentry360 FullSight cameras an optimal solution.