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self-healing ring fiber optics

self-healing ring fiber optics

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Product Specifications
  • TDM and ADM technology

    Single fiber transfer the video and multichannel audio,data,ethernet,telphone single which on the different monitor ports to monitoring center.

    When there is fault on any of the circuit, can shield the fault and connet the next port(need to match)

    With automatic round function

    Single fiber transmit 128route digital non compressed video

    10-Bit Uncompressed Video Transmission,10Mhz bandwidth,ratio rate>67dB

    Video transmit standard over ELA RS-250C short distance video transmission demand

    NTSC, PAL or SECAM Camera System,accept by CCIR video style system compatible

    Deliver distance:Single fiber can reach 100KM(Max)

    Receive ports gain control

    SMT,industrial grade design,high reliablity

    No EMI,RFI,adjustfree installation

    Triple lightning protection, comply with IEC61000-4-5(2008) test standard

    Remarks: expand 128 ports max