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Video Balun

Video Balun

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  • SC&T twisted pair transmission product including complete system from passive series to active series, cable hub, 1U rack panel series, even 3u rack cad type and UTP video distributor for special and professional project.

    ITEM NO.: TTP111VE


    ? BNC male to screw terminal for easy connection.

    ? Compact and mini size, could mount multiple units behind multiplexer, Quad, DVR..etc

    ? Transmit a full motion monochrome video signal up to 600 meters, color video signal up to 300 meters.

    ? Passive, No power required.

    ? Eliminate Coaxial Cable.

    ? Distance Up to 1Km when used with an active receiver such as TTA111VH, TTA111(V)AV, TTA414VR, TPA008, TPA016.