Product Profile
WG800 Radar Site Perimeter System

WG800 Radar Site Perimeter System

  • Supplier: Westminster International
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 04/06/2011
Product Specifications
  • The WG800 Radar Site Security Surveillance Radar provides automatic perimeter security for large open spaces. The sensor detects moving or stationary objects appearing anywhere within a range of 10 meters up to 800 meters in all weather conditions and light levels.

    The WG800 Surveillance Radar is a high performance 77GHz Millimetre Wave FMCW radar designed for continuous use in harsh environments.

    The system is extremely rugged with built-in self-test, condition monitoring and calibration. The radar system constantly scans 360 degrees up to 800m once a second. The radar fills a volume of space in which detection data is processed every 25cm from the sensor out to the 800m instrumented range.

    The WG800 not only detects and tracks intruders within the protected area but when integrated with CCTV surveillance systems will enable cameras to 'lock on' automatically to the target and track them visually on command & control screens. This intelligent assessment of the intruder threat is provided by Westminster's Site Security System.