Product Profile
AeroScout T3 Tags

AeroScout T3 Tags

  • Supplier: AeroScout
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2011/02/09
Product Specifications
  • Flat Form Factor and Advanced Features for Wi-Fi Tags

    Key Features:
    * Sleek Design and Flat Form Factor
    The AeroScout T3 Tag is a slim and sleek "credit card" size that allows for convenient and unobtrusive attachment to small or oddly-shaped assets. The size makes the T3 Tag ideal for people tracking and for use as an “ID Badge” for personnel or visitors. The T3 Tag also has a multi-use cradle mount that can be used in conjunction with tamper-proof features for asset tracking and other applications.

    * Wi-Fi Compatibility
    T3 Tags leverage any standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure, keeping costs low and making deployments simple and fast. The tags can be used to determine the location and status of mobile assets and people, and their wireless messages are received by standard Wi-Fi access points. T3 Tags utilize a unique beaconing method (instead of associating with networks) that keeps network impact low and ensures scalability and long battery life.

    * Multiple Call Buttons and LEDs
    AeroScout T3 Tags come standard with two call buttons for greater variance and control in messaging capabilities as well as two LEDs for unique visual indications. This enables advanced functionality from a single tag, such as asset status updates as well as emergency reporting from the same device and location.